Canopies & Pergolas

These pergolas and canopies are a unique alternative to a traditional cover or pergola.

These structures can be installed freestanding or mounted to your home or another outdoor structure. You can also install a trolley system and fabric to an existing pergola or canopy and have the luxury of shade when you want it!

This shading solution helps protect you from the sun by blocking harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer by as much as 94%.

These canopies and pergolas also help reduce your energy consumption when installed over windows and doors by reducing the amount of solar heat that enters your home and reduces your cooling costs.

Choose the Pergola or Canopy that works perfect for your backyard. Choose a Wall mount canopy like in the picture above, or design your patio area with a freestanding unit. Have an existing pergola or canopy? Add fabric to your existing unit and enjoy the benefits of choosing when you want sun, and when you want shade. Choose from manual or motorized units and over 100 color options.

- Opens effortlessly - Motorized or Manual Versions available

- Add side curtains to any or all sides of your pergola or canopy to control how much light comes in or privacy you have.

- Several Frame Colors to choose from

- Over 100 Fabric Colors to choose from

- Choose a mesh fabric ranging from 5% to 40% visibility

- Freestanding - Wall Mount - Roof Mount

- Add to existing Pergola or Canopy

Enclose a Hot tub or private area with a canopy and side curtains to give you privacy or to simply block window sun and rain from coming in!