Retractable Awnings

There is nothing more enjoyable on a hot, sunny day than being out on your deck or patio relaxing with family and friends or reading a good book.

However, extreme heat and ultraviolet rays from the sun can hinder your plans and put limitations on the amount of quality time you spend outside.

Aristocrat Retractable Awnings provide a cool, comfortable and shaded area where you can have protection from the sun and enhance your outdoor living experience. With an amazing selection of striped and solid fabrics, Aristocrat Awnings will add beauty as well as value to your home.

Installing an awning will help you save energy by reducing the amount of solar heat that penetrates through your home and will lower your cooling costs and needs.

Did You Know?

- Awnings block harmful UV Rays that cause skin cancer by as much as 94%

- An Awning can reduce indoor temperatures by as much as 15 degrees

- Awnings can reduce the solar heat gain that penetrates through windows during direct sunlight by as much as 70%

- An Awning can cut cooling costs by up to 52%

- Awnings help prevent fading and cracking on wooden decks.


- Choose from several Frame Color Options

- Select Awning models have a Full Cassette Option which completely encases the awning.

- Manual or Motorized Options Available

- Wall - Roof - Soffit Mounting Options

- Sun & Wind Sensors Available - Automatically operate awning when Sun or Wind is detected.

Make your outdoor pool area the getaway everyone wants to enjoy, by building a pergola on your pool deck, or installing a retractable awning so you can choose when you want shade or when you prefer sun.

Have several areas you want to shade? Weather it is a retractable awning, pergola, solar shade, window awning or door awning, all your products are customizable. Use the same fabric color for each product to make everything mesh together perfectly and compliment the colors of your home.

These telescoping legs can be added to any awning.

Add a Vario Valance to any Estate Model to give you extra protection from low sun and added privacy. Only available on select sizes. Has a maximum of a 52" drop. Choose from a solid acrylic fabric or an open weave mesh. A maximum width of 18' and a maximum projection of 11'6"

This picture shows the "scissor" arms of the Estate Slimfit Awning. This awning is designed to allow awnings with a minimal width to have deeper projections.