Solar Shades

Did You Know?

50% of the solar heat entering your home comes through the glass in your windows and doors, accounting for approximately 20% of the load on the air conditioner

The MOST EFFICIENT way to stop the heat of the sun is from the outside - BEFORE it has a chance to penetrate your home!

Retractable Solar Shades not only block the suns heat before it penetrates your home, they also give you privacy when you want it, but still allow visibility to look outside.

These shades will continue to pay for themselves year after year in comfort as well as reduced energy costs and protection from harmful UV Rays.

These solar shades are custom manufactured to fit your home. Choose from specific sizes, options, colors and fabrics.

Enclose your Hot tub area or even a deck or patio to give you and your family the privacy they deserve. Choose Manual or Motorized Options with a variety of color and size options.