SunSetter Easy Shades

SunSetter Easy Shades

This easy-to-use vertical solar shades is the perfect solution when you want privacy, shade, and breeze protection. These systems are so much better and sturdier than conventional blinds or rattan curtains. Great for your porch, slider, gazebo, pergola, or any other outdoor structures. These Durable vinyl mesh shades block 90% of the sun, wind, and mist yet let in soft, filtered light and air. Keeps the inside of your home cooler when installed in front of large windows and doors.

• Easy Shades Available in Cream, Charcoal, Desert Sand or Coral White vinyl screen.

• They Retract into a Streamlined, Rustproof Aluminum Storage Housing with your choice of Cream, Bronze or White finish.

• Available Widths: 3 to 12 feet in 6 inch increments.

• Extends down a full 7 ft., but can be partially rolled down to whatever length desired.

•Superb quality, easy to clean, mildew-resistant and maintenance free!

•Rolls up and down, straight & perfect every time.

•No uneven edges and no cords to tangle!

•Manually-operated versions will include bungees and hooks to secure at corners.

•Motorized models roll up and down on cables for a perfect tracking every time.

•Solar Powered models are powered by the sun with a built in battery pack! No Electrical Outlet Required.

•Remote Control is included in all Motorized and Solar Powered Units. Each Remote can control up to 4 units. Motor available on left or right side with a 12 ft. power cord.