SunSetter Retractable Awnings

SunSetter Retractable Awnings
Sure Seal is an authorized dealer of SunSetter Retractable Awnings, which means we can offer our customers another quality product, with great accessories, an excellent warranty, and a professional, hassle-free installation, and all for an affordable price!

With SunSetter Awnings You Choose from 6 Different Awning Styles, 2 Different Fabrics, Many Colors and lots of Accessories Including Patio Lights, Wireless Wind Sensors, Cleaning Kits & Weather-breakers for the Front and Sides of Your Awning.

Keep your deck or patio up to 20 degrees cooler and relax in shade and comfort under your new SunSetter Retractable Awning.

Don't let the heat or rain stop you from enjoying the summer ever again. Turn your backyard into a retreat worth coming home to!

SunSetter Awnings go up to 20' and have projections up to 11'8".

Choose from Manual or Motorized Versions.

Upgrade your awning to the Pro Model which includes an integrated front weatherbreaker panel that rolls out of the front bar of your awning and gives you protection from low setting sunlight. This panel rolls out to 5' and then rolls back up into the front bar of your awning when not in use.

Get a free accessory package with your awning which includes a Wireless Wind Sensor that retracts the awning back if it detects strong, possibly damaging winds.

Included in that same package is a protective cover that goes on during the off season, protecting it from the harsh winter weather so you can enjoy for many years to come.