Satisfaction Guarantee/ Disclaimer

Sure Seal's 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee only reflects the quality and services of Sure Seal's products. Sure Seal in no way accepts responsibility for the pre-existing conditions of the customer's home or business.

Sure Seal's 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee does not represent the customer's dis-satisfaction associated with any problems other than defects associated with the product and installation of that product.

Sure Seal will supply and install any and all parts necessary free of charge per our lifetime warranty guarantee.

Sure Seal's lifetime guarantee only relfects the life of the product per the manufacturer.

Basic service calls not covered by warranty will be a $150 minimum charge which includes the first 1/2 hour of work. Additional Time and materials may incur additional charges. Please contact the office to determine if your service is covered under warranty.

Our satisfaction guarantee is based on the industry standard. Our guarantee stipulates that you received the correct product as you were offered and sold. Our guarantee promises that the product is installed properly, and has no defects or malfunctions.

In the event of product failure due to product defects or workmanship Sure Seal will repair and/or replace any and all defective parts and/or products. Damages caused due to these problems are not covered under Sure Seal Warranty if defect or workmanship issues have existed for more than 1 year.

Warranty Update - December 15th, 2014 - Our Lifetime Labor Warranty is the lifetime of the manufacturer warranty. For example Our Thermal Industries Brand windows come with a Lifetime warranty on parts and a 30 year warranty on the glass. Therefore our Labor Warranty for the parts is lifetime on and 30 years on any glass repair. Our SunSetter awning line has a 5 year manufacturer warranty from SunSetter therefore our Labor warranty is the lifetime of the manufacturer warranty, which is that same five year period.

Any contracts pertaining to custom products that cannot be returned to the manufacturer can only be cancelled within the 3-day grace period allotted by New York State. In the event the products do not get installed for any reason, the products will be delivered to the customer and the customer will be liable for the full amount of the original contract minus any installation fees or the full retail value of the product, whichever amount is higher.

Custom products sold by Sure Seal, AAA Installations & SunPro Awnings include but are not limited to SunSetter Products, Aristocrat Products, Thermal Industries products and any products that are custom built to the customers specifications.

This disclaimer is valid for all contracts associated with Sure Seal installations, AAA Installations & SunPro Awning Systems.